209 product history and consumer analysis

This assignment includes two components. The first component requires you to write the product(COCO CHANEL) history (40 points) and the second component asks you to analyze the target consumers (60 points). Organize your contents in no more than six pages using the essay format instead of bullet points. You should also include subheadings to organize your content. You should use at least four references using APA style. Proofread your essay before your submission.

Product History: You are expected to trace the history of your product in relation to major technological breakthroughs, advertisements and media development, and business strategy (e.g. merger, acquisition, international expansion, etc.). You have to be strategic in choosing what information to be included in the paper. This assignment will be the foundation for your future assignment of advertising analysis. In this assignment, you should not analyze specific ads. (Suggested page length: 2-3 pages)

Consumer Analysis: Use trade journals and marketing research reports to determine the target consumers for your product. You should discuss both the demographics and psychographics of the target consumers and how the target consumers of your product may have changed over time. You are expected to address: Who were the target consumers? What were their lifestyles? Where were these ads placed? (Suggested page length: 3-4 pages)

Demographics: race, gender, age, education, income, class, etc.

Psychographics: the lifestyle, value, preference, etc.

You can also determine the target consumers by looking at advertising images, messages and outlets. Advertisers and their agencies often openly discuss their target consumers on their websites and in trade journals.

There are often differences between the conceptualized audiences and actual audiences. You can talk about both actual consumers and the perceived consumers.

Suggested Essay Structure:

  • Title
  • Product History: (Here, use subheadings to organize your content as well)
  • Consumer Analysis
  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Change of consumer profile over time
  • Discussion and conclusion
  • Reference/sources

Grading Criteria

  • Writing quality (90%)
  • Content organization, grammar, argument, transition
  • Sufficient details
  • Key themes
  • Relevant facts/evidence to support your argument
  • Clarity, etc.
  • Quality sources/sufficient sources (10%)

A Paper: The analysis is thoughtful, in-depth and insightful. It demonstrates critical thinking and the application of concepts/language learned in class. It cites research/reports to discuss the history development of the product (technological breakthroughs, media development and business expansion), and various aspects of demographics (such as age, gender, social economic status, income, profession, etc.) and psychographics (such as lifestyles, preferences, values, etc.). The citation format is correct and the writing is precise and concise and is almost ready for presentation at a conference.

B Paper: The analysis meets general requirements, but does not show that the author has made 100% effort to do critical and in-depth analysis. There may be one or two grammar mistakes, but all key information is present. The writing is ok, but still needs improvement.

C Paper: The analysis meets minimal requirements and provides some good information, but the analysis needs a lot of improvement. The essay misses some key information and needs great improvement in organization, structure, and citation style, language, etc.

D paper: The analysis provides a little bit good information, but it needs substantial revision. There are many grammar mistakes, typos, etc. and there are problems in format, citations, etc. The work obviously shows that the author does not try the best.

This class is media and culture, Advertising in Consumer Culture


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