Educational Goal Statement

Topic 1: Educational Goal Statement

Describe one of your short and long term academic goals. How do your academic goals correlate with your professional goals? What is it that you need to do to accomplish your short term goal and be successful in this course?

My short-term academic goal is to obtain my bachelor's degree in health services administration, my long-term academic goal is to do a Master's in Business Administration. My academic goals are strongly related to my professional goals, since I am the manager of the Quality Assurance department for a Medical Company in South Florida. My long-term goal professionally is to be the Director of the Coding and Billing department of a medical company. I’m thinking that to be successful on this course I have to complete all the assignments, follow the syllabus, not to stop participating in the live seminars and do my contribution on the weekly discussions. It is a very profitable class because through it I will be able to transform my learning experience in student credits.

Topic 2: Integrating Examples of Learning

How will you integrate examples of learning that demonstrate problem solving and critical thinking into your portfolio? Consider examples of your experiential learning and discuss why you would define them as college-level learning.

In my career as a manager I have to demonstrate level of university knowledge, not only to the board of directors but also to the employees who report to me in my department. Every day I have to solve the conflicts that arise and after having the resolution of the problems is that I can present them to the director of my department. For example my company has 45 Primary Care Physicians with 20 scribes I have to keep their medical notes up to date, the clinical notes of the providers can’t be more than 30 days open in order to be CMS compliant. Daily I distribute the work so that once a week the Doctors can close their notes. On the other hand I receive the data from five different medical insurance on a monthly basis, and I have to calculate the MRA score for each patient and each Doctor for each medical center to present it to the board of directors on the last Friday of each month. If I do not have knowledge at the university level, it could not be able to do the analytical data, neither maintain a large and important department up to date.


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