Job Analysis

As an I/O consultant, you are creating work samples for a portfolio to showcase your services to prospective clients. The first item that you’d like to showcase is a

job analysis.

Review the Work Samples section in the I/O Consultant Scenario for full details. Select an occupation to use for your job analysis.

Read through the O*NET (Links to an external site.) information provided about your chosen occupation. From the information provided, develop an abbreviated Job

Analysis for a specific job in this occupation. O*NET includes standard information about the occupation. Your analysis will incorporate aspects of this, but you will

apply the information to further describe a specific job in a specific organization in detail. Therefore, you will need to use additional resources to complete this


Your job analysis should include (but not necessarily be limited to) the following information:

Overall description of the job
Explanation of how the job is classified in the O*NET (including the occupational code and task requirements)
Description of the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics that are essential to job performance
Description of the work environment, including a description of the physical work environment, supervisory controls, physical demands, typical amount of interpersonal

contact, amount of expected teamwork, job complexity, and amount of direction (supervision) typically required to get the job done
Brief summary of the organization’s culture and competitive environment

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